Importance of SEO For
Colleges and Universities

In today’s era where every industry is transforming digitally, it becomes imperative for Colleges and Universities to not only make a digital presence but also optimize it to rank on the first page of search engines. 

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for colleges and universities is the need of the hour as most students decide which college they want to take admission after researching online. 

With local and international competition among educational institutes, SEO plays an important role to get you noticed. 


If you will rank well in search engine results, your targeted students will easily find you.. 

Educational institutions need to have strong local visibility that can only be achieved with SEO.

SEO Strategy For Colleges and Universities

The first and prime step in creating optimized content for the website is keyword research. Focus on your target students.

Example, If you are a management institute or an engineering college then your content should be around your target audience with the right keywords or phrases. While optimizing a page use multiple keywords like B.S. in Physics and The Bachelor of Science in Physics which increase the chance of your visibility. Do keyword research either by using online tools or taking guidance from SEO professionals.


Location plays a pivotal role in student perspective, teenagers want to experience a new city and freedom whereas an adult would prefer to attend a nearby college. In both the scenarios they may search by typing best colleges/universities in my locality/city/country. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize a website for location-based search as well.

Students are more likely to search “Colleges Near Me” or “ Best Colleges Near Me”. So your local SEO game must be on point.

Google strives for providing reliable and useful content to its users thus design a user friendly and easy to navigate website.

A user comes to your website to know what makes you special and why to opt for you. Highlight your strength, awards, and achievement and make them easily visible on a page. Remember the visitor scans a page thus avoiding the wall of words and uses a 4-5 lines paragraph instead of long dull paragraphs.

Make your course and program list easily visible to the user and mention each degree you offer, as it is the single most reason they are here. 

Remember more the time visitors spent on website lower the bounce rate and better the search engine ranking.

Inbound or backlinks are links from other websites to your web page. It adds credibility to your site as well as helps in improving search engine ranking. A student while searching for top management institutes in his city may visit a blog where there is a list of top ten management institutes, if they have your name and link to your content then the chances are high that student may visit your website.

Besides that, outbound links i.e. the link in your webpage to another website, provides links to relevant pages to visitors and call to action increases the trust of your web page and helps in improving search engine ranking.

Before making a final decision on which university to attend, the student makes a background check and goes through the online reviews of the institute. Survey shows that positive reviews make up the mind of a student to move further and explore the university whereas a student loses interest after reading negative reviews. 

How Evosion helps in Colleges or Universities SEO?

Perplexed about how to implement SEO into your marketing strategy. Contact Evosion, with years of experience in digital marketing and a proficient team of SEO professionals we are highly competent to rank you on the first page of the search engine. At Evosion, we craft a unique digital marketing strategy to get you potential leads and will optimize your website content to increase your visibility and reach targeted students. 
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