Importance of SEO For Travel website

The travel industry has gone through a major digitalization revolution from the times when customers used to go to travel agencies to iron out the details of their vacation but now they can do the same things at the comfort of their own homes on their electronic devices. Either it is finalizing a travel destination or opting for a travel agency people rely on search results of the internet for making travel decisions. Therefore, a travel website needs to rank on the first page of the search result to reach its customers. This requires a robust SEO strategy that increases your visibility and secures long-term high google ranking.

SEO Strategy For Travel website

Before writing content for your travel website, do keyword research. Keeping the target audience in mind try to answer their requirements through your content and search-relevant keywords, like hotel booking in Sydney or flight tickets from Melbourne to Perth.

Always pick keywords that have high search volume but low competition as this would help you in gaining rank quickly. It is always good to focus on one keyword rather than different keywords for the website. Quality is what always matters, use long-tail keywords in different variations for one keyword. Research shows that 70% of the web search consists of a minimum four words.

As a travel industry website, the objective is not only to intrigue a user through writing engaging content or showing picturesque images of beaches and mountains but to get people out from their home and take them physically to their destination. 


While writing a content focus less on the service you offer but detail more about the place, its history, places to visit, and interesting facts about the place. Include SEO optimize images i.e. compressed images without compromising quality so they don’t affect the speed of the website which is an important factor in google ranking. Use keywords for naming file images, this helps google to understand what the image is about.

Blogs always go well with travel websites. Write interesting stories about unfamiliar places, their cultural heritage, rich history, and use breathtaking landscapes that would compel readers to visit the place.

Today Facebook and Instagram have become an integral part of our life, leverage social media to reach potential customers. A unique and well-made picture of a place sometimes makes an indelible impact on a user that they pack their bags and visit the place. Always do good image research before posting photos on social media so that it catches the eye of the user and compels him to visit your website to explore more about the place.

Backlinks or inbound links are the links from another website to your web page. Always make a healthy backlink profile and partner with authentic websites relevant to your business. Promote your business on you-tube by making exciting videos about the places and refer them to the website for further details. 


Outbound links and interlinking are other excellent practices for SEO. Always link to other websites that are relevant and have good content and authenticity. Link with other pages in your site helps in increasing the engaging time of users on the website and provide more information about your business and services.

Offer a memorable travel experience to your customer to earn good online reviews. Study shows that online reviews are among the top influencing factors in search results. Often the user might know about your travel agency through online reviews, thus reviews will make him either visit your website or explore other options.

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