Everything you need to know about Blog Posts?


Blog is a non-formal online post or journal; where people share their experience, awareness and observations on a subject matter.  Blog is the platform where bloggers write for a purpose whether it is an education intention, commercial / marketing purpose or informative objective.

Blog is a weblog, where you may post not only phrases and wordings but also visual materials so that your content would be attractive enough to the browser!


If your blog is noteworthy and the content presents a noticeable material then you guarantee your target audience that your web vends their interest requirements and relevant to their concern and curiosity thereafter in due time they engage with your webpage and turn to be customers, followers and frequent users to your site or network. Interactive content of the blog is making it ideal for your target audience trust and loyalty. Business recognition or your website popularity is the ultimate endeavor of blogging!  Blogs are considered to be an outlet for sharing your acquaintance, perspective and standpoint.


  • B2B blog is where your blog should be written neatly and elegantly classic with responsive design and  where content need to be mobile and computer friendly.  Your post must include technical and commerce details that are easy to spot!
  • B2C blog writing should put the hat of a smart marketer on; that has selling skills!  The blog need to trigger the customer emotions in terms of the product presentation and price convenience.  Colourful content is vital, for example, if your customers are females then maybe pinkish theme or fashioned colour should be on stage.  A window for interaction options is highly recommended in your layout.
  • Design-based theme, is where writing shows plenty of white space with a light spotted on a picture or image and where preferences and choices are uncomplicated to pick and where affiliated messages could be easily distinguished.
  • Photoblog theme, that’s where your blog is mainly based on image-focused style.  Then your content should be attentively chosen which reflects the photos and images your are posting.  Your photos need to be of a high quality, clear and big enough to attract the browser.

Product description is not probably of the customer interest as much as the appearance.  Unlike B2B blog where product details are imperative.

  • If your blog is an informative one, then you should include graphs, facts, data and dates. The layout is needed to be categorized to reveal a methodology for a direct message presentation.


In 1994, Links.net what was created by a student at Swarth More College-Pennsylvania, USA; is considered to be the first blog, by then that was just regarded as his personal homepage or personal webpage.  In 1997 the term ‘weblog’ came into light by Jorn Barger; originator of Robot Wisdeom website.

Blogger is someone who manages or owns a blog.  Bloggers don’t have to have an excellent understanding on coding, HTML or even budgeting instead a blogger should have other variety of skills.  Beside content writing skills, social networking and expertise of selling alongside some marketing skills and knowledge exposure are needed.

Bloggers are people who create blogs, they come from different backgrounds and diversity of interests.  Bloggers are those who are :

  • either individuals that want to publicize their personal experience, hobbies, interests and information
  • or professionals and knowledgable experts who present valuable content to businesses and use their blogs to communicate with target audience who are customers, information seekers or interactive platforms’ users.


Who is the Blog Recipient?

Statistics proved that around 77% of internet users read blogs regularly so blogs are developing to be a part of the contemporary popular automated culture. 72% of the blogs’ recipients prefer visual content rather than written materials.

B2B and B2C companies have different approach to their recipients and target audience in order to guarantee a long term engagement and aimed objective in terms of marketing and sales.

For community blogs, recipients and readers get engaged to the most common and popular topics that run the public viewpoint and society interest.

As ‘people’ are affected by ‘people’, blogs play the role of an intermediate mortal so they get occupied and engaged to it more than other types of media.  All seekers and browsers are subject to blog hunting and pursued to be the right target audience of the content.  Statistics revealed that around:

  • 29% of blog readers are between 31 – 40 years old
  • 36% are 41 – 60 years old
  • 17% are 25 – 30 years of age
  • 18% are 19 – 24 years old


What would a ‘good’ blog look like?

Based on your target group and the message you want to send through your blog, the appearance of your blog would be outlined. The recipients are categorized on their, interest, age, enlightment, culture, curiosity, time, blog credibility and content inspiration & appeal.

Dos  and Don’ts  while writing a blog:  

  • An appealing blog shouldn’t only include visuals but also should blend many given chronological facts with multiple information to guarantee a promising traffic to your webpage.
  • Light blogs yet beneficiary are always a fishing net to browsers. The incentive behind the blog readers’ click, is to know the motive behind the browser who arrives into your site.
  • The blog should include different opinions, debatable inputs, convincing approach and open-ended conclusion.
  • Setting an aim before writing your blog, will help you reach your goal. Appealing ambiance is the core of your successful blog.
  • Blog’s length is preferred to be between 75 words as minimum and 2450 words as maximum.
  • Readers have sensors to your blog, if you are delighted to note down your blog as a result they will receive the positive input excitedly, otherwise you would lose your battle.
  • A good-looking and eye-catching blog, should be dressed in an engaging and magnetic hat of title and headlines. Not only this but also attractive visuals and images in a consecutive information format along with an enriching and innovative content.
  • You should blog regularly for consistency and customary engagement with your target audience.

Whereby a blog with an appealing format ought to:

  • Avoid complex information so that the reader and browser can get what he/she wants easily and quickly.
  • Prevent long paragraphs without breaks. Blocks of words are not preferred!
  • Always reflect a positive impact. Being inspirational is what your target group are searching for. Don’t be negative
  • Don’t use too many keywords, aim your browser more than the search engines!

Grabbing browser’s consideration and capture his/her attentiveness in seconds is the blog success flag and green light, so how do you do that?

If you know your addressees, then give them an attractive headline.  It is proven that average attention human range is around 8 seconds.

Dress up your blog with a valuable take-away title and headlines then fill in your content and pour the messages you want to send!


To make the best of your blog, you need to have your own blog writing style and capturing method.  Your format should be grammatically proven, your blog may include keywords, links to other blogs for credibility also you ought to engage the reader with relevant tags along with images and visuals and don’t forget to make short paragraphs and answer all your spectators’ inquiries.  familiarity on your competitor’s background (if applicable) is and advantage that you shouldn’t miss whilst writing in order to compete with a preferable content.


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