7 Upcoming Web Design Trends and Inspiration for 2022

Wondering what a modern website should look like? If yes, you have come to the right place. Today, let us look into the top seven innovative web design trends and inspirations that we can expect in 2022. 

Throughout the years, web elements such as navigation, visuals, design, and so on have gone through many changes. Trends that shape these elements also keep changing every year. Knowing the latest modern website ideas will help you upgrade your website trendy up to date. Evosion is a one-stop for all your innovative digital solutions and impactful marketing strategy needs. You can bring out your businesses’ full potential by partnering with Evosion, your local Google Partner and marketing specialist. 

Web Design Trends To Look Out For

1. Cinema-Style Homepage:

Cinema-style homepages are standard in many modern websites that we see today. They use video stories (mostly full-screen) that engage viewers as soon as they visit the website. This innovative web design trend is perfect for attracting traffic to your website. The cinema-themed homepage quickly grabs the visitor’s attention and makes them feel like a part of it in a few seconds. 

Making your website’s homepage unique using various effects is also possible. These effects include slow motion, vignettes, and many more.  This is a perfect trend for you to adopt in 2022 as it reduces the amount of text you need on your homepage to the minimum. Read how you can create an inclusive website design.

2. Smart Content Load:

The success of your website entirely depends on the experience of users due to the integration of heavy graphical and third-party elements. It is now possible to only show users what they need to see with the intelligent content load. Top social media platforms have been using this simple technique for years. The loading speed of your website will increase significantly when you adopt it in your website development plan. Resource-saving and fast-loading websites work wonders to get better returns on your investment.

3. Personalised Content:

Creating personalised content is another great modern web design example. If you provide content based on the customer’s behaviour and needs, you will get great results.  Focus on winning a customer’s trust with the help of your web design if you want better results. Personalised content on the homepage is a unique way of gaining a customer’s confidence and trust. You can hire professionals from Evosion to help you create marketing content for your business. Working with experts in digital marketing can help you deliver the content demanded by your target audience.

4. Light and Dark Mode:

Giving users the ability to toggle between light and dark mode is one of the best modern website ideas. In 2022, many website owners are still unaware of giving users the ability to toggle between light and dark modes. Having an option to switch to dark mode is one of the best features that enhance user experience manifolds. Firstly, you need to ensure that the web design you are using has colour palettes for both light and dark modes. This is very important to ensure users don’t lose visibility while switching from one mode to the other. Most of the devices support dual modes, and it is a worthy addition to your website in 2022.

5. Overlapping Design Elements:

Another innovative web design trend of 2022 will be overlapping design elements. While these trends look very nice on your website, you should carefully implement them. With modern design, you no longer have to keep different design elements in the same container, but you can easily overlap them. Implementing this design trend, you can build a well-organized and professional website with trackable components. It is suggested you keep in mind your website’s readability. The website’s readability should not be compromised while focussing on the design elements. You should make sure that the overlapping pages do not affect the readability of a page and that they close correctly.

6. Big Buttons:

Today, there are many small screen users compared to large screen users. The small buttons on your website are not thumb-friendly for small-screen users. This dramatically affects the navigation experience on your website, often driving away users. To overcome this and increase the ease of navigation on your website, you can use big buttons on all the versions of your website. Colour coding the buttons on your website is one of the growing innovative web design trends. It will significantly reduce user interaction with wrong elements on your website. 

7. Minimalism:

Among the best modern website ideas, we are looking at a slow yet significant rise of minimalistic designs in the web design industry. Minimalistic designs are great for increasing your website’s appeal. However, a minimalistic design doesn’t mean having fewer elements and lots of white spaces. 

In 2022 we can expect a rise in colourful minimalistic designs. If you want to stand out from other companies, you need to break the monotony of whitespace set by the industry. It is essential to grab the users’ attention using some bold colours and keep the web pages easy on the eye.

We hope you understand the best modern website ideas by reading this article. You can implement these innovative web design trends in your website to keep it updated. Like every technology, new upgrades for websites come up every year. If you are a business owner looking to get more reach, try Evosion’s digital marketing solution. With the help of Evosion’s effective and affordable digital marketing and website designing services, your business is bound to boom. 

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