What is Social Media Marketing ?

Since 1997, when the first social media platform started, the goal of it was for users to communicate but it turned to be a tool to promote any product, information or service.

At the present time, there is a wide range of social media platforms where you can market and vend.  The social media marketing requires engagement with your followers, monitor the traffic and analyze the results derived from the electronic commerce and promotion.




Is social media marketing needed for small businesses same as big enterprises?

Without a doubt, social medial marketing is needed not only to maintain the commitment of your present audience but to brand awareness through nourishing your platform contents and regularly updating it, this refresh of your material would give new users a more chance of loyalty than being a random interested visitor and enhances the devotion of your existing clientele.

Why marketing through social media is not a luxury or a choice?

Statistics proved that more than 90% of marketers are using social media to promote the merchandising they run.  Business owners need to promote and boost genuine traffic to their products or services.  Not only this, but also expand a wider range of brand awareness through the unique and approachable channel of this century which is the social media.

As social media is now well disposed to all ages, diversity of interests and an open-ended marketplace to present your product or service through a known communication path then digital marketing is the approach you should take as a business owner.

The main aim of the social media marketers is the brand recognition as consumers pick up the products or services they recognize and social media marketers promote their brands to audience that weren’t searching for it, but it attracted them when the content and visuals were appealing enough to explore!

Is social media marketing applies to both B2B and B2C?

As social media active users crossed two billion, marketing via social media is becoming a major technique to all kinds of businesses whether it is a business to consumer (B2C) or a business to business (B2B) one.

With the B2B analytical methods of marketing, businesses can expand their platform and associate with their target audience and dispense their expertise more closely and widely!  Whereby B2C are steered to persuade individual customers, shoppers and online users to engage with the product or service and interact accordingly. B2C social media marketing enables people; with common interests as community; connect together, exchange their experience with the product or service and ultimately enhances the reputation and escalates the sales and brand awareness.

What are the main attributes of B2C and B2B social media marketing?

‘Visual’ content is the most effective tool in the B2C world, as customers get engaged to attractive and shareable content before getting involved into commercial stage.  Content of B2C should be a slightly lighter than B2B, eye-catching and somehow of visual spirit.

On the other hand, ‘lead generation’ which is the commencement of customer inquiry or interest into the service or product that the website promotes; is a B2B feature.  This leads to a chain of processes in order to reach the selling stage.  Content of the B2B web/page and the traffic of it, reflects the effectiveness and how the user assessed the material and information posted.

Social Media Marketing Impact:

Through the use of social media marketing, consumers or customers experience social networking.  Complete marketing web-based campaigns could also take place via social media which is considered to be a remarkable cost-effective tool with a much wider platform than any other classical form.

Nowadays, to be or not to be in the digital battlefield, social media comes as the most functional and conquering way of marketing.  Social media marketing is considered to be the latest trend through which most businesses reach and interact with their target audience.

Social media marketers offer a more close and insight monitoring along with analytical practice and applications with multiple features to reach the objective of their publicity and promotion to eventually reach their targeted sales and excel.

With the dramatic ongoing increase of digital marketing, many businesses appoint specialized companies to customize a social media marketing plan and implement it based on the business need and forecasted targeted.

Another influential area of social media marketing is the customer service system.  Businesses; through the professional marketers; should generate a proficient and cooperative customer service arrangement in terms of online manpower to assist customers.  Furthermore, the capable marketers will provide a skillful advertisement and encourage customer to understand the product and service in the way that targeted audience would appreciate, comprehend and thereafter procure.



Social media marketing applications or tools currently are the message that businesses or web-based services send to the targeted audience. This tool is the basic approach and method to provide the customer with a satisfying content and visuals of the product and service. In this digital world, social media marketing is the one and only way to promote your product or service and also to generate an up-to-date reporting system and detailed information to use effectively in a wide range of platforms.


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