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Have you ever been searching for group of people who have same interests; perhaps as yours?

If yes, then that was the same intention of Pinterest founders back on 2009.  They started up a platform where people can ‘pin’ their ‘interests’.  That is why Pinterest is a social webwork where its users are the owners as Pinterest relies on them (members) to induce the content and share it with others who are interested and might derive them to post or ‘pin’ the same content.

What is special about Pinterest? Why browsers see it distinctive among others?

I’m afraid you have to look and judge, have you? When you visit Pinterest, you would only see a pleasing images and elegant posts ‘pined’ with a summarized illustration.  There you won’t find regular images instead only appealing ones; that is the reason behind the noteworthy success of this platform.  It is unique because it is an image-based web dissimilar to other social media which are content-based.  You might get some positive energy whilst screening!

Can you make money from Pinterest?

Yes you sure can !  You have three paths to take if you may:


Use Pinterest for business: as it is a platform to market your products or services.  87% of Pinterest users have purchased their intended item because of the site,


Add all links upon creating your pin or when you tag a product then you can get commission,

Or else

You may take the profession of a blogger or influencer! Yes you may, it is not a mission impossible.  Create your blog style, engage regularly with your Pinterest browsers thereafter earn money as influencer.

 Guess what! Even Pinterest is coping this year; and many to come; complying with the ‘social distancing’ recommendation!

As ecommerce is the hero of the pandemic style of life we all live and the spacing across the globe is continuing; Pinterest is enduring to play a noteworthy role to assist shoppers at home, marketers to pin increasingly and physical social distancing not to be a barrier for people to share their common interests via Pinterest world with its multiple and diversity of variety.

Accuracy and credibility are what pinners are searching for and businesses remotely are trying to comprehend the new demand to supply it based on the target audience new behavioural changes.





– Food and Drink

– Photography

– Crafts

– Art

– Home Décor

– Design

– Women’s Fashion

– Home Decor

– Hair & Beauty



Other Common Boards:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Humor
  • Travel
  • Technology

How does Pinterest assist businesses to engage to communities?

Though businesses’ loop of social media approach revolves mainly around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter yet they will miss what Pinterest can give that others won’t.

Pinterest has a distinctive layout as pins are well-designed with categories that are linked together.  Pinners won’t practice any ‘search’ experience as boards are mapped for all browsers, shoppers and users to find their interest conveniently and promptly.

Pinterest now attracts 150M internet users per month; exploring new pins as an expansion to the earlier created boards; let us discuss how marketers make use of this:

Steering traffic into their pin is the fuel to the success of the board.  Marketers through Pinterest convert their browsers into addicted users; that doesn’t happen overnight but through long-life engagement via images, links as well as users’ participation and interaction with pinners.  Thereafter the browsers turn into buyers and long-term partners.

Pinterest direct path makes it retailers’ favourite social network.

Some recent researches reflected that Pinterest grab traffic into websites more than others as Facebook for example.  Pinterest approach is to ‘link through images’ which leads back to the source image or post.

About 95% of Pinterest images are either pinned or re-pinned from the board. 

As connectivity is crucial in the ecommerce world, Pinterest connects the users to other social media websites which broadens the pool of target audience.  By adding a ‘Pin It’ button to their website and blog; marketers make their content or product visually accessible.

Marketers always pursue browsers’ appealing and attractive items as this inspires them to create the board or a pin to match this requirement.  Trending comes into light; which is a current popular product or subject and businesses who succeed to reach this is a sign that their traffic is hitting the right path and that it is actually easy in Pinterest as a social media platform for convenient marketing methodology.

Pinterest users’ age range and gender scope

Estimate Percentage of Pinterest Age Group
Pinterest Gender Scope

General Facts on Pinterest world you ought to know :

Around 85% of Pinterest users reach the platform via their mobiles; so remember to make your pin easy to read on small screens and your images are effortless to figure out.  If your material is of a high quality with features that are friendly to smart phones and ipads/tablets then you guarantee a high traffic.

Make your material attractive enough to your audience.  As the average spent time on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes only then catching the browser’s interest could be done by short messages and engaging images of your pin

In the stressful world of ours, we all search for time and place where we can find inducement and enticement. Pinterest is the platform which its co-founders succeeded to keep it as a positive station for users to gladden.

Due to the relevant sorting strategy of Pinterest, browsers rate is 1.4 times more compatible to their search than other platforms, especially because more than 95% of searches are unbranded which gives a potential chance for users to purchase whilst scanning an advertised pin.

So in conclusion, why use Pinterest?

  • Same as other many social media channels, Pinterest is free to use, yet Pinterest is open and exploring options to promoted and paid pins
  • Pinterest is also mainly used for inspiration, where browsers share ideas or products and find new potential ones
  • Posts on Pinterest are repined over time, so they don’t fade away as other social media posts face
  • When other images repeatedly appear on your followers’ homepage, your brand image is identified and branded accordingly
  • Pinterest facilitates the chance of its pinners to engage with their customers and browsers which builds a kind of exclusive connection
  • From business prospective, Pinterest is used by small and big brands so probably all competitors are using same platforms that gives a high opportunity of finding your target audience among browsers and busy traffic is generated
  • From personal intension or point of view, diversity of all options is available that gives people a wide range of ideas and inspiration shared by other pinners through an organized gallery containing billions of pins

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