Website Maintenance: What Is It and What Are the Costs?

Website maintenance is a very crucial task and is usually entrusted to the website developers or other firms which can take care of all these needs with aplomb. Many business owners choose to avail of professional website maintenance services for monthly fees and these are dependent on factors like the services you require and the size of the website along with the overall complexity of the operation in question. 

One of the important website maintenance services is the updates to the framework of any site. You will know automatically that updates are available and things will automatically start malfunctioning if you ignore the same. There will be several glitches and speed will come down for the website. Installations of updates regularly keep websites running smoothly. 

Your website is built on a particular framework, like WordPress for instance. Regular updates are highly essential for making sure that the site performs smoothly while keeping itself safe from growing cyber threats and hackers. You will then have to opt for WordPress maintenance solutions from your firm too. The frequency of updates will depend upon the WordPress website care plans that you choose. 

If the site framework is contained in the smartphone, then the extensions and plugins will be just in the manner of mobile apps. The reason for giving this example is to illustrate the need for regular updates of your website extensions and plugins. This is also a part of website maintenance costs and you should factor in the same while planning. 

Some other aspects of website maintenance

Depending upon the packages chosen for maintenance, costs in Australia may well hover between $300 and $3,000. This is only an indicative figure and may vary on the basis of several parameters as mentioned earlier. 

Another part of maintenance will be backups. They keep things sorted and help you avoid scenarios where you lose data to any cyber threat or virus and then do not have backups to re-launch your portal. Keep this alarming scenario at bay by taking backups regularly and including this in the site maintenance blueprint. The backup procedure varies from one website framework to another. If you have a website running on WordPress, for example, there are several plugins that may ease the procedure. 

You will also have to ensure maintenance of content, i.e. updating the older pages and websites that have CMS (content management systems) integrated these days. Feature additions, SEO and other periodic upgrades are also a part of maintenance at times. 

Some extra charges

Along with regular maintenance, you will have to fork out some additional charges by way of renewing your SSL certificate, paying the fees for hosting and renewing your domain name. The cost of your domain name may range between $10-100 annually. You may have to shell out an activation charge (mostly less than $15-20) if you do not renew the name of the domain till after its expiry date. Websites should also have SSL certificates for added website security these days and users will be able to then view these sites as trustworthy or reputed sources. You can purchase various kinds of certificates with costs similar to domain names on an annual basis. Costlier EV SSL certificates may require close to $500 annually or slightly upwards. 

Hosting comes with monthly costs and shared hosting will be really affordable at $4-5 each month or slightly higher. Some hosting options with VPS (Virtual Private Servers) will require $30 each month while dedicated servers will need at least $100 and more every month. Factor in these costs while planning your website maintenance package. You are sure to find trustworthy firms who can develop your website smoothly while keeping it maintained without any glitches. 

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