Ways To Find SEO Is Working Or Not

Search engine optimization, or what we call SEO, is a thriving business and with that comes new techniques and more competition with every passing day. Undoubtedly SEO can be tricky because its methods change rapidly, and when you want your content to be one of the top rankers, you have to keep updating yourself. You just don’t want to sit there wondering how search results look out there when you have the power to change them in your hands. Here are some ways that might help you analyze that if SEO is really working for you.

  1. Keywords Is A Part Of The Key

It goes without saying, keywords are undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to your SEO. Quality keywords attract a lot of traffic to your site, and it’s crucial to use them in quality content. The problem here is if you are running behind only keyword rankings as an answer to the question, how do I know if my SEO is working, then you are wrong. One of the great SEO tips 2021 has to be that the rankings are not measured by universal standards, so you need to weigh out your priorities. Always remember that search results are personalized according to one’s interest, so the results for you and your target audience can differ.  A fall of five rankings on the 5th page doesn’t matter much, whereas a fall of even a single rank on the first page matters a lot. Instead of running after rank changes, utilize your resources on building more influence to shoot up your SEO services.

  1. Traffic Is The Goal

This one needs a lot of your attention and is one of the answers to your question about how do I know if my SEO is working. An increase in authentic traffic is what you really need, and it is the most reliable proof that your SEO is working correctly. You can monitor your organic traffic using reliable sources. Website traffic won’t directly influence ranking, though the click-through rate does. Without sufficient traffic, it’s doubtful that you’ll possess a huge click-through rate. Audience and rankings are in a symbiotic relationship as both are dependent on each other. Better the audience, better the ranking and higher the ranking, higher the audience.

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  1. Time On Page

Are you still struggling with how to know if my SEO is working? One of the most reliable SEO tips 2021 is to pay attention to the time on your page. If your bounce rate is high, that is the portion of the audience that leaves your site after seeing just one page. If so, then there is something wrong with your site and content. Good quality content is important to attract an audience, and you should never compromise on it. If you observe that time on the page is increasing, you are going in the right direction, and if not then you know you need to pull some strings in the content and site development department.

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