Tips to Writing Super-Effective Google Ads

Penning down effective Google Ads can be a tough ask since you have to ensure that your copy fits into smaller spaces. Creativity is possibly one of the biggest tips for creating effective Google ads, meaning that you have to be innovative and stand out from the clutter out there. 

However, do not fret; it is possible to write compelling ad copy that gets the job done by generating higher conversion and click-through rates in addition to improved quality scores. Here are some tips that will help. 

Best ways to create super-effective Google Ads

  1. End objectives of visitors – Keep in mind that most competitors have ads that essentially carry the same message so how do you stand out? As an advertiser, understand the end objective for any customer, i.e. what would they want to achieve with your service/product. Suppose you have products that help people reduce symptoms of bloating, and they usually search for keywords such as get rid of bloating. Frame your Google ads headlines based on this term. Avoid a headline such as t – Tackling Bloating since your visitors are already going through this predicament. Instead, highlight the end objective, i.e. Total Relief from Bloating. Studies have seen how focusing on the end-goals of customers led to significantly higher interest and conversions alike. 
  1. Countdown timers and how they work – People get inspired by things they do not want to miss. This loss aversion may be a great way to enhance your conversion and click-through rates. Google has already unveiled its countdown timer for placement within text ads. You can add this snippet description or headline. A real-time countdown will drive visitors to take action faster, giving you a nifty way to accomplish your task. 
  1. Keep advertisements relevant – Learning how to write Google ads descriptions is necessary. One of the first principles is to keep it current or relevant. A current or timely advertisement will naturally witness higher conversion rates than something no longer relevant. 
  1. Specifics always matter – Numbers or figures are easier to understand. Several experts recommend integrating numbers into your ad copy for higher credibility and accuracy. Specific figures can boost your chances of driving more conversions. 
  1. Personal touch – Make sure that you incorporate a more personal approach to writing your ads. You is a great word to use since customers like being addressed personally. Do not overuse words such as  Iweme or us. John Kuraoka’s precious words come alive in an article by Jonathan Dane. Kuraoka emphasised the best word as the visitor name and the second-best word as you. Since it is not always possible to learn customer names, go for the next alternative, using customer-centric terms. 
  1. Hyper-local approaches – Many advertisers target multiple cities while building their Google Ads. Some of them go national too. Even if you offer solutions globally, you should first tap immediate and potential customers. Phone numbers and contact information near visitors can double rates of conversion. Come up with Hyperlocal and location-specific campaigns with suitable call extensions and ad copy alongside. Prospective customers should know that they can use your product or service nearby. Instantly stop call forwarding in the Google Ads call extensions. Get local phone numbers from local providers instead. 

These are some of the best ways to create effective Google Ads that can help generate interest, scale-up click-throughs and conversions, and further help you stand out from your competition. While many advertisers focus on everything other than writing high-quality Google Ads, you have an opportunity to create compelling content that instantly draws visitors. 

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