Tips To Help You Fix Your Website’s UI/UX Design

UX design is the process of making the user experience in your website more easy, accessible and efficient. This can lead to better interaction and faster development of the website. The importance of graphic designing in companies’ growth is vital.  Here are the marketing benefits of potent graphic design.

1. Improvise Speed

Not many have the patience to surf through a slow-loading website especially in the long run. Increased speed of the website will attract more users to regularly browse the page. This can be done by reducing redirect links, creating content distribution networks and leverage browser caching. Furthermore, Google provides multiple free services to increase the speed of your website, which can come handy.

2. Navigation

Some options while being displayed on the page don’t need much space in the main focus. Their presence can mask the importance of the actual options or might confuse the users at times. This can be simplified by hiding them hence providing more focus and attention to the main controls of the page.

3. Padded links

This is an important feature in the interface which if used in the right way improves the user experience to a great extent. The highlights of the content should be carefully chosen, and the padded links can be applied accordingly through which the user can click to increase interface accessibility. This should be done from the view of a user. In some cases, to add more emphasis this can be converted to block elements.  This is another reason why graphic designing is vital.

4. Alluring Designs

White space means space between any two interface elements such as headline, navigation bar etc. This is mainly done to make reading more comfortable to the users. Manipulating white spaces can show the association between two elements in a context, thus helping them separate from the rest of the bunch. This improves the clarity of the text and looks more defined.  Bright colours can instantly catch the attention, especially when set against a dark background. But it should not be used frequently because it’s significance might be lost, and it can also become unpleasant to the eyes of the users. Certain colours have their own indications, for example; red colour can indicate an urgent or an important matter of focus that can grab the attention faster. Yellow, orange and neon colours are other options that can be used.

5. Consistent visual content

Visual content has become an integral aspect of websites and lately has become more vital to consumers. Original visual content can provide a genuine outlook about the product and can be easily differentiated from the generic images which are more frequently ignored and unreliable. Investment on visual content is a wise choice because most of the consumers decide to go further with the page only if they are satisfied with the quality and originality of the images. Also, the page should stay updated for the users to know that it is active.

These are the best and workable tips for overall website designing by improving the  UI/UX designs that can benefit both the interface and the consumers.

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