Tips for Helping You Choose the Right Keywords in Google Ad words

When it comes to online business or brand, keywords play a major role. If you are planning to run Google ads for your business, choosing the right keyword is crucial to tap the target audience so that lead can be converted into sales. Here are the top best tips to choose the right keywords in Google Ad words

1. Customer’s perspective

Find your audience who has to be targeted, the simplest is to assume yourself as a customer when you create your initial list of keywords. You can discuss the same with your team, you can also discuss with others, such as friends, colleagues, family members, associate business partners, digital market experts, or even current customers to know about their opinion on phrases they would use when searching for the products and services.

2. Analyse the competition

Make a list of your main competitors and watch them keenly by often visiting their websites. You can check how to research keywords for google AdWords by analysing your competition.  Read the content carefully and try to identify the keywords that the customer is looking for and looking at your contender not only helps to identify the keywords but also helps to set the benchmark.

3. Give importance to long-tail keyword

Long-tail keywords are mostly a mixture of multiple or even more terms and phrases that play an important role in directing traffic to a more relevant subject but still making them less competitive. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, seem to have low looks for volumes, making it very convenient for ranking to get in touch with them, google AdWords management agency to find long-tail keywords to boost your business. 

4. Premium research tool

Look for premium keyword research tools to identify quality keywords. The best keyword research tools are SEMRUSH and Raven tools, they share details like keyword volume, keyword competition, similar keywords, etc.

5. Monitor and Analysis results

Monitor and analyse the results once the proper keyword has been chosen because there is more probability that your competitor may come with a new set of trending keywords and phrases. 

Use the keywords wherever possible. Insert the best keywords into important blog posts, vlogs, trending social media sites, met tags, of your website’s content. If you insert the keywords more often it easily reaches your target audience whom you are looking for.

6. Identify the keyword type

There are three different keyword research:

  •  Head keywords: These are short phrases with one or two words in length and return the number of search results.
  • Body keywords: Body keywords are a bit longer, usually two to three words.
  • Long Tail keyword: It comprises four-plus words and they more often produce relevant results and it’s very handy for the customer.

7. Landing page linking

You need to link your landing pages with your keyword selection otherwise they won’t work as desired. Targeted content is only visible through landing pages, so it is important to link with keyword collection. The keywords will fit in the alt image tags and page headings. Keep the landing page in mind while choosing keywords, this will not only give a higher google rank to your page but also will optimize the landing page that acts as the starting point for a sale or lead. Also, learn How SEO can improve your brand visibility.

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