SEO in simple terms

As digital world is where we all live, and promotion is our address; searchers are never contented and suppliers / providers are always revivers and regenerators.

In this digitized world, digital marketing answers the call and assists companies to vend.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the main transmission channel and currently the backbone of any online business.

SEO is how you apply attractive content and visuals on your website to make it an appealing web to a search engine so that the business gets a higher rank through the awareness and consciousness you provide.

Though there are many online suggestions and proposals on how you compose your SEO, yet to seek a professional SEO consultant contributes to the SEO success and your business growth.

Is SEO ‘search engine optimization‘  a cost-effective marketing tool or that’s a rumor !

It looks unusual to invest in an economical technique yet a very profitable method; but that what SEO offers.  It is surely a profitable yet a cost-effective online marketing channel to reach a wider range of target audience.  Through SEO you maintain your web visibility while decreasing marketing expenses.   The organic traffic to your website is also associated with the attractive and informative content you grant.  However, the cost varies and depends on the competitors and others providing similar or related goods and services.  Over time, SEO extends effectiveness, though it takes some time but businesses would see improvement, benefit and higher search marketing rank in due coarse.

Experts advice on SEO ‘ Search Engine Optimization ‘ :

  • Publish consistency, the more you publish the more traffic your website would have
  • Engaging content of your website as compelling headlines, photographs, videos, images and eye-catching information are the major requirements
  • The ‘ Search Engine Optimization’ SEO of yours, should have a business objective, a roadmap and sales target in order to reach the desired searchers of the website and meet their marketing requirements by posting the top-performing advertise
  • Easy approach is the key of the SEO, make it effortless for your target audience to share your content to social bookmarking sites. Make is also a mobile friendly and user friendly for navigation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) DON’T’S :

  • Don’t imitate the content of other websites
  • Lower quality sites shouldn’t be of your concern
  • To avoid Google questioning, avoid site wide back-links
  • Include information that your searchers and target audience are searching for instead of having content with keywords that concerns the search engines only
  • The unrelated links in your websites weakens the targeted product or service your present

Conclude SEO up:

SEO is a long term internet marketing approach to assist the internet users to browse and find the information they are looking for.  Search Engine Optimization through search engines is not a random search of sites.  High traffic into your site is the aim of SEO so that your business gets noticed and your information, product or service has a wider platform through the right hosting tools in a successful and analytical way.



Sequence of a successful SEO :


Sequence of a successful SEO


In conclusion, you should know the needs of the searcher, having said that, SEO is an open-ended and dynamic science.  Search Engine Optimization is a complementary approach to other marketing strategies and should be used in parallel to other advertising methods.


Promoting your website is to make your product or service distinguished and set tactics to reach this goal.

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