Importance of SEO for Photographers
(Photography Websites)

Parents in Sydney search on google “ Photographers for the baby shoot near me” and the only chance they would contact you is if your website appears on the first page of Google. Today world users rely on search engines to look for business and services around them, with high competition in every business including photography, having a website is no good until it is optimized. Take a look at the key strategies we recommend you implement on your photography website.

SEO Strategy for Photographers

The first and foremost step in SEO photography is a keyword search. Use different online tools for keyword research or take guidance from SEO experts to find the relevant keywords for your business. Use keywords throughout the content including heading, header, footer, and content. Don’t force too many keywords in your content indeed use synonyms or long-tail variations for the focused keyword.


Being a photographer website it is flooded with images, therefore image optimization is crucial. A high-resolution image takes a long time in uploading and chances are higher that visitors will leave the website then and there. This would affect your SEO ranking and eventually your business. Use online tools to optimize image and significantly reduce the size of an image without compromising the quality.


Use Alt Tags to improve your SEO. Google doesn’t understand images. Alternate Tags or ALT Tags are a description of images that helps google to analyze the image and helps in showing it in search results. 

A website is a primary marketing tool for a photographer. Your website works as an online portfolio that displays your work to potential clients. A poorly designed website may work against you and discourage your clients.  


Stick to the basics, try to focus on the photography genre that you specialize in like newborn photography or a wedding photography shooter, and design theme of your website tightly focused on your specialized genre. Don’t overwhelm your client by displaying many galleries and photographs as it would dilute your message, only show the best piece of your work that connects with visitors and gives them the idea of what they can expect from you.


Keep it simple, always provide easy navigation on the website instead of fancy complex navigation structures. Let the audience get easily what they want to see on your web page as this would help in converting them to your customers.

Blogging does wonders for your website, as it is one of the best ways to increase traffic and helps in SEO ranking. Blogging works as a marketing tool as it connects with your audience and keeps them updated about your current works. Topics you can include along with your work are the latest cameras and lenses, tips about photography, and other relevant areas.


Make profiles on all social platforms and provide a button for each on your website. This would increase your visibility and help in reaching more potential audience.


About me, page is one of the most visited pages on your website as people want to know you before becoming your customers. Bring in your personality and share your strength as a photographer and what makes you special but remember to keep it straight and simple. Adding a video about me also goes well.

Always build a healthy backlink profile, prefer quality over quantity. Partner with authentic websites that are relevant to your business. One of the healthy practices to increase backlinks is to mention the people you worked with, in your blog like caterers, make-up artists, restaurants and bars, etc. They would return the favor through a website link or social platform. This will increase your inbound and outbound links, which helps in good SEO ranking.

Online reviews and google ratings play a major role in decision making, whether someone will call you or explore other options. Ask for online reviews from satisfied clients and make it easy for them by providing a simple quick link to the review page that you can attach in an email signature or mention it in your business card. 

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