Importance of SEO For Non-Profits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brings organic traffic to the website and increases search engine ranking. Today SEO for a website is important for every business to reach its potential customer, for non-profit organizations it becomes especially significant as they don’t have funds to spend on advertising and marketing.


SEO helps in bringing you to the first page of search results where donors and volunteers can easily find you and contribute. Thus SEO for a non-profit is imperative and a need of the hour. Let’s take a look at SEO strategies for non-profits.

SEO Strategy For Non-Profits

The first and principal step in SEO is keyword research. Use online tools or get help from an SEO consultant to find the relevant keywords for your content. Like if you are a humane society and want to write an article on a cat’s health then search relevant keywords including long tail and focus on those with high search volume and low competition as they help in quick SEO ranking.


Optimize your web page and mention focused keyword in a heading, subheading, footer, and content. But avoid over-optimization by keyword stuffing as it would affect your ranking. Also, optimize title tag, a blue text or link in the search result and meta description, a text below the title tag as it gives relevant information about the web page, and a well-written description leads to high click and organic traffic.

Start writing your content around the keyword but remember you are writing it for the intended audience, not for search engines. Be generic in your writing, tell your story. Share your journey as an organization, mission, and vision as this will help in connecting with the audience. Sharing achievements is one of the best ways to attract donors and volunteers, tell how you have brought the change in the life of others.


Local SEO is very important for non-profit organizations. Everyone uses search engines to know about the NGOs near them. So get yourself registered in Google My Business and local directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.

Blogs are one of the best practices to attract organic traffic. Write engaging articles relevant to your work area and keep them updated as this will enhance your google authority. You can share things like inspirational stories, campaigns, events with images that would compel readers to donate or to become a part of your organization. 


Leverage You-Tube, the second largest search engine after Google. Upload videos on your you-tube page about your events and campaigns and optimize video descriptions with keywords to increase your SEO ranking. Promote these videos on social platforms and websites as this will increase your organic traffic.

Promote your website and also improve your SEO ranking using Backlinks, links from other websites to your webpage. But gets links from authentic and relevant websites from an SEO perspective, avoid using spammy links as this would hurt your ranking.


Also, promote your website on social platforms and You-tube and ask your corporate partners and donors to promote you in their social profiles and websites.

Good online reviews from happy donors and people you work for are very important for non-profit organizations as they inspire people to donate and volunteer for you.


Ask your donors, volunteers, newsletters, and social media for reviews. Showcase your reviews on your website home page, donation page, and social media profile.

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