Importance of SEO For Journalists

Gone are the days when people used to wait at their doorsteps every morning for paperboys to deliver newspapers. Today the majority of people head to digital platforms for information including news. Today journalists have to report the story, write it up, and make sure it reaches the people, therefore it becomes imperative for a journalist to write an optimized article to reach its potential readers. Here are a few SEO strategies for journalists.

SEO Strategy For Journalists

Optimizing a website helps you in many ways, it increases the traffic to your website eventually business, brand awareness, and trust of users. The principle step in optimization is keyword research, data shows that users are using long and more specific keywords to get the relevant result. Try keywords that are related to locations, amenities, etc, like “best hotel deals in Sydney” or “hotels with spa in the room”. Take the help of online tools or SEO consultants for keyword research.


Write your content around the keyword and use it in headings, subheading, footer, content, meta description, and title tag but avoid keyword stuffing as it would affect your SEO ranking.

“Content is king” gone are the days when two or three sentences on a website were sufficient. Today users want to know everything about you, what you have to offer before they step into your hotel. Make your content relevant, unique, and engaging. Develop content covering the local attractions like different places to visit, theme parks, etc. This would make the user experience better and they will spend more time on websites that help in SEO ranking.

Google News is a source of huge traffic to news websites. Its mission is to organize news in one platform and make it easily accessible to Google users. As Google strives for better user experience and providing quality content to readers, there are certain guidelines for news websites to get featured in Google News like the content should be original and timely and news articles should clearly mention the source as well as the writer, etc.


Today social media is a powerful medium to reach the audience, giving journalists a dream platform to reach huge masses in a few seconds after the event happens through their content and even going live on Facebook and Instagram.

Backlinks, links from other relevant and authentic websites to your web page not only drive more traffic to your website but also helps in improving SEO rank.


Interlinks are like a web on your website, that links two or more pages within the same domain. It eases the navigation and allows a smooth flow of information. It engages the reader for a long time on the website, which is one of the important factors in SEO ranking.

How Evosion helps in Journalist’s SEO?

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