Importance of SEO For Insurance Agents

When your competitors are effortlessly spending dollars on Pay Per Click(PPC), you as an independent insurance agent can compete with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or organic SEO. The insurance industry is one of the most competitive sectors when it comes to online marketing, insurance industries use the highest PPC to advertise than any other sector on online marketing. SEO helps you to compete with such industries without any significant burden on your pocket.

SEO Strategy For Insurance Agents

In this oversaturated online market it is hard to compete for valuable keywords, in which insurance giants have a firm hold. Targeting keywords like “insurance agency” could give you tough competition. But just it is difficult doesn’t mean impossible, with excellent SEO strategy you can search and target for long-tail local keywords with large search volume and lowest difficulty score like “term insurance vs life insurance”. With a list of target keywords in hand, you can move to the next step.

Content and SEO go hand in hand. Create high-quality content around keywords for your agency like services you provide, products, and what makes you unique. Engaging, informative, and detailed content is important for the targeted audience and Google as well. Google provides comprehensive solutions to the queries of its users and prefers long relevant content that is interesting and relatable to the user. Remember, if you will not put effort into creating quality content for your audience the chances to convert the qualified leads into sales is minimal.

Google spiders crawl in the text/content of your website and save it in their database to retrieve it when someone searches about the content-related information, but Google will only give priority to your content in search results if you have gained the trust of Google.


Backlinks, links from other websites is one of the key factors to gain the trust of Google. But always prefer to build a healthy backlinks profile i.e. link from authentic and high domain authority websites, and good content is the only reason for another website to link with you. Thus mark the words “Content is king”.

Where leading insurance companies are targeting audiences across the country, you with the help of local SEO can bring your website on the first page for the local market in a short span of time. Local SEO campaigns target the local audience and makes them consider you for their insurance needs. Start with location-oriented keyword research like “car insurance near me” and create an informative and interesting content around it.

Also, register yourself in local directories like Yellow Pages, White Page, Yelp, etc. This increases your visibility and helps in Google ranking.

  • Good SEO ranking in search results.
  • Credibility of a local targeted audience.
  • More conversion, potential leads into sales.          
  • Ensuring that the products have good reviews online


 Reviews play a decisive part in the decision making of any online purchase. It goes well with both customers and Google. Post your online reviews everywhere like websites, social media platforms, local directories, and Google Business page.

How Evosion helps in Insurance Agent’s SEO?

Online marketing is no easy feat. It involves constant upgrading of posted content and creating new content to keep the audience engaged and lots more, but the benefits are immense. As an insurance agent, it might appear a daunting task. Give this task to Evosion, an online marketing company specializes in marketing for all types and sizes of business. Our team of expert SEO consultants drafts a customized SEO campaign for each client and works day in and out to rank you on the first page of Google and thrive your business.

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