Importance of SEO For Hotels

Today people use a search engine to navigate what they are looking for. If your potential guest is looking for you in the search engine and you are not on the first page of the result, chances are your guest will never know you exist. Use of search engine optimization (SEO) for your website will help you reach your potential guest and only business understands the value of each user. SEO for hotels helps to make your presence more prominent in local and global markets. Let’s take a look at SEO strategies that can take your website and business off the ground.

SEO Strategy for Hotels

Optimizing a website helps you in many ways, it increases the traffic to your website eventually business, brand awareness, and trust of users. The principle step in optimization is keyword research, data shows that users are using long and more specific keywords to get the relevant result. Try keywords that are related to locations, amenities, etc, like “best hotel deals in Sydney” or “hotels with spa in the room”. Take the help of online tools or SEO consultants for keyword research.


Write your content around the keyword and use it in headings, subheading, footer, content, meta description, and title tag but avoid keyword stuffing as it would affect your SEO ranking.

“Content is king” gone are the days when two or three sentences on a website were sufficient. Today users want to know everything about you, what you have to offer before they step into your hotel. Make your content relevant, unique, and engaging. Develop content covering the local attractions like different places to visit, theme parks, etc. This would make the user experience better and they will spend more time on websites that help in SEO ranking.

A blog for a website engages the visitor and drives more traffic to the website. Write blogs about your hotel journey, how you started it, amenities, on-site restaurants, weekend holiday packages, local cultural events, etc. Publish your blogs on a regular basis this makes the website fresh and relevant and tells Google that your website is updated and dynamic, which helps in SEO. Writing blogs around the keywords drives potential guests to your website and helps in their decision making.


Make your presence in every popular social media platform and provide links to your website and relevant blog posts that will boost your organic search traffic and help you reach the interested customers.

 Inbound links or links from the other websites are one of the great ways to build SEO but device only authentic unpaid links else you may be penalized by Google. Reach local newspapers, bloggers, restaurants, theme parks to have you mention in their blogs as this would attract interested visitors to know about your hotel.

 Online reviews play a vital role in the decision making of a guest. These are the online content that will be most read by users about you. They will be on many online platforms like your website, social media, and travel agent websites. Make sure to highlight good reviews as much as possible. Post it on your website and all social media channels.

Importance of SEO For Hotels

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