Importance of SEO For Clinics

Your private practice advertisement once meant literally putting an ad on the Yellow Pages. Potential patients today, however, turn to search engines to locate nearby healthcare providers. The lifeblood of any successful medical practice is a steady stream of new patients. As any other company that is attempting to broaden its client base, medical practices that are looking to attract new customers in a competitive marketplace face several obstacles. You need to have a winning SEO plan in place as healthcare providers looking to reach out to more customers and make more steps towards profitability. Let us take a look at clinic SEO approaches.

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SEO Strategies for Clinics

One of the main reasons for successful SEO ranking is the quality of websites. Websites need to be easy to use, and should have a user-friendly interface so that users can easily navigate through the website. Therefore, efforts must be taken to ensure the foundation of the website is solid.


The website should be designed for mobile use, since most people search online through their phones and seldom from other devices that are not as portable for example, laptops and desktops. Also, make sure that the loading speed of a website is good as this is one of the key factors that Google considers when evaluating the website’s efficiency and rank on the search results.

Blogging is one of the best practices for reaching a wider audience and bringing more traffic to the website. Create entertaining and insightful posts, and write from the viewpoint of your audience. Think of what your followers ask; inquiries and questions, and what they want to hear about, and write in response to these questions.


Take advantage of the power of social media, build a profile on all popular social media sites, and link them to your website as it will drive traffic to your website and also allow you to directly communicate with the public.

Inbound links or backlinks from the other websites are links to your web pages. These connections boost traffic to your website, and they also work with your SEO ranking. But higher-domain links and credible websites matter, often making a difference. Like the text “click here” isn’t going to do much good, but words like “medical clinics near me” will help improve your ranking.

Online reviews play a vital part in a customer’s decision making. These are the content online that users will read about you the most. They’ll be on many online platforms, such as your website, social media, and websites for medical clinics. Make sure the good reviews are highlighted as much as possible. Post it on your website, and on all channels of social media.

Today most users access the internet via mobile as it is convenient and improves the browsing experience of users and a better experience leads to more call to action. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, a large portion of potential patients will miss you.

As a medical clinic, it is important to target local audiences because it is mostly these people who will come to the healthcare services clinics. In a short span of time, Local SEO can bring your website to the local market on the first page. Local SEO campaigns target the local public and make them take you into consideration for their healthcare needs. Start with location-oriented keyword research such as ‘healthcare clinics near me” and create informative and interesting content around it.

Benefits of Local SEO include:

  • Good SEO ranking in search results.
  • Credibility of a local targeted audience.
  • More conversion, potential leads into sales.

Ensuring that the products have good reviews online

Reviews play a decisive role in making decisions about any service. With both customers and Google, it does work well. Everywhere, post your online reviews such as websites, social media platforms, local directories and the Google Business page.


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