Importance of a user-friendly website for business

To increase the usability or user experience and add more traffic to your website, you must have a user-friendly website. In web design, a user-friendly website means that your website must be designed. All options should be easily accessible without any hassle. The visitors must engage with your website, so it must contain interlinked information so that the user need not search for another website. It will help your website to increase the revenue and traffic of your website. There are various ways by which you can improve your website. Here are a few things which should be kept in mind to build a user-friendly website.

1. Compatible

As per the research, nowadays, mobile phones’ usage is increased, so your website must be compatible with both PC and mobile phones. Therefore, you must ensure your website should be well compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

2. Responsive

Your website’s loading time should be around 4-8 seconds; otherwise, the visitor may search the other website, which is the biggest nightmare for all the business. Make sure if your website has massive images or videos, these need to be compressed; otherwise, it will make your website slow. And to increase the page load time, regular maintenance of the website is required.

3. Reachability

Design your website in a user convenient way so that the user should be easily navigated through every information without having any difficulty to search the content. With increasing technology, visitors want everything fast, so you must ensure that your website load time is fast and easily accessible.

4. Better Readability

To engage more users to your website, you need to make a few changes to your website. That includes the use of catchy background color so that the user must spend plenty of time on your website, and make sure the text color looks well on the background. It increases readability.

To increase your website traffic, make sure to use the keywords that the visitors are searching for. It will help you to attract more potential customers.

5. Stay Connected

To attract more users to your website, include your contact information so that the user can be in touch with you. It shows your credibility, and users will be more attracted to your website and can resolve their query if any.

6. Build a Brand Image

 People are now using the internet to research a company before they make any final investment in any product to make sure that they are investing in a loyal company by reviewing others’ feedback. If the website is not easily readable, then it may shift the thought of investing in your company. Therefore it is vital to have a user-friendly website that helps to attract potential customers. Make sure you include contact info and a review column on your website.

7. Increased Traffic

To increase your website traffic, you must have a user-friendly website so that the user must be more engaged with your website; otherwise, it may decrease the traffic and revenue. Some techniques to help you increase the traffic and revenue of your websites are; Keywords research, SEO-friendly website, alluring design, attractive social media presence, etc.


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