How Unique and Easy Navigation Design of a Business Website Can Lead to Fruitful Results

A business website is the virtual representation of your company, its products for the customers, your clientele, and the designated mediums to contact you. Every website is designed in the interest of increasing sales and eventually the desired profit.

Web development is the task of developing a website for your venture, be it a simple worded basic page to complex natured applications and social media websites.

Website navigation is very crucial to the website itself. Nearly 95% of the user feel easy navigation is essential. Also, it can help build more traffic to your website and have an impact on the search engine rankings. 

We should learn the mistakes we need to avoid:

  • Placement and positioning

 The placement of the menus should be convenient for the end-user to locate and navigate through the website. Web development’s crucial role is to enhance the user experience and not trouble the user to search for the content to read. This can increase the bounce rate of your website. 

  • Structured Menu arrangement

If you are thinking of rearranging the order of the menu, this can disrupt the effectiveness of the website’s appearance. The most important aspects will be in the first place and other details will be in-between and Contact details can be placed at the tail end of the menu.

  • The list is long – Big No.

When the list under each menu is too long it is common that the user foregoes the key details. The navigation list can hinder the appearance of the website and this leads to the user leaving the website. A maximum of 5 to 7 menus are recommended by experts.

How can you make your website navigation easy?

  • Consistency is the key

Consistency in website navigation on every page is vital to retain the zeal of the user. If it changes from page to page, visitors will lose interest. They should find it convenient to locate the content or the page, one is expecting to find. The ease with which the reader swifts through makes them pass through the conversion funnel. 

  • The clarity in the menu 

The clarity in the menus and sub-menus structure of the website is crucial for the visitor experience. They have to be demarcated to avoid users feeling stagnated or lost. 

  • Precise titles

Make sure the titles are clear and are in common practice. The user should know where the title is leading to even before clicking on the link. Ambiguity in naming the menu can be avoided for the better performance of the website.

  • ALT text for clickable image

By adding ALT text to the image, it helps the visually impaired users to learn and understand about the image. ALT tags known as alternatively will be displayed if the image cannot be seen. ALT text aids the search engines to pull out the content of the website as ALT text can be a simple keyword for the search.

  • Search attribute

The search attribute on your website is important for the user to look for some information or any product search. The results displayed should be convincing for the visitor. The feature has to be set up in a way where the incorrect spellings have to be auto-corrected.


Provide the visitor with what is expected by the customers because day-in and day-out, they are the ultimate users of your website. Web development success is achieved by making the navigation unique, convenient for the end-user, ultimately converting the leads to sales.

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