Digital Marketing…. it’s the new trend these days. The biggest to smallest of businesses need digital marketing to reach their audience no matter how important their service is. It’s all about following the trends and fortunately or unfortunately, trends keep on changing. Every year, there is some trend that everyone is following to crack the algorithm for getting recognition. The team of Evosion here is at your service to help you understand the trends this year with just one tap on the screen.

Simple Ways to Stay on Top of Digital Marketing Trends

 You can, first of all, keep an eye on your competitors, someone from your niche. You have to stay updated about their strategies when it comes to connecting with their audience, the trends that they are following. Things like these make a huge difference. You can use tools that assist you in keeping a check on them. Notice their SEO optimization work if you want to tap into their audience’s psyche.

Social media is the most obvious and informational tool when it comes to digital marketing. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, or even LinkedIn, people on these platforms specialize in digital marketing and take your product to another level.

The easiest way to know about digital marketing trends is to subscribe to such newsletters or sources that are exclusively meant for this purpose only. That way you can make a lot of difference to your performance as a service and eventually become a brand and there is no better platform for this purpose than Evosion.

If you want something really efficient yet time-saving, you can try Google Alerts. It’s the simplest thing that you can do, by just receiving alerts of the trends that resonate with your marketing sensibilities or even the ones that are trending.

Another way would be to follow blogs that are specific to your niche. For example, if you are a fashion label, you would follow bloggers in this niche, for some inspiration as it would be more relevant to your audience.

Newsletters are also another good way to stay updated about new trends. The logic behind newsletters is simple: you subscribe to some websites of your liking, which saves you a great deal of time as you don’t have to scroll through innumerable web pages to get just a couple of pages worth your time. All you have to do is just ‘press the subscribe button ‘, as they famously say it.

Having a conversation is another way. Your answer to people’s queries, read their comments, see what they’re liking on social media so that you can get to know your target audience, following them on social media is a great way to get into the consumer’s psyche. You can directly speak to them, it’s an old yet effective way.

SEO …. Search Engine Optimization, the mother of digital marketing, is a phenomenon. If you have an application that can look for words that are trending, you can use them in your content and easily get recognition. It can make your ranking better in Google search.

Networking…. the oldest trick in the book, but very effective. You can maintain good relations with people in your field so that you can learn new ideas and implement them to better your own craft. You can simply be cordial with people so that you can get noticed and, in this way, you can help smaller businesses to grow as well. You can collaborate with people with a unique idea, that you feel can help you and nobody has ever come across. There are countless possibilities when it comes to networking.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

When it comes to digital marketing, trends that worked in 2021, may not necessarily work this year. Digital marketing is a very dynamic field.

No-click Searches: It’s a nice trend for the reader as it saves him the trouble to go through a lot of sources. For example, when you type: Which Maybelline lipstick to buy? The search engine will come with a lot of results, but now Google comes up with the shortest and the best answer that any site can come up with. They reduce traffic on websites but people can use it to their advantage by adding catchy headlines or using keywords that are trending or articles that solve a problem in any way. It is also called the Featured Snippet.

Verified Listings on Google for SEO:  If you own a local business like a gym or a spa this one is a keeper. Google My Business Listing is a way with which you can list your business so that people can know your office hours, service charges, any offers/discounts available, etc. In the Search section, you can manage your location to the map section, without you doing too much. It’s been noticed that businesses that are verified here are easy to trust by the customers.

Voice Search is another trend that is here to stay. We all have Alexa or Siri at our house that we speak to a lot and this product alone has changed the tone of digital media. The trick to ace this trend is to search for something on Google just the way you tell Alexa or Siri to search. Use keyboards that people are using while speaking to Alexa or Siri. This way you can stay relevant, easily.

Online Reviews, last but surely not the least. When you search for something the reviews that are shown on top are by real buyers because they are no doubt about that. If you have a review through Google Business, half the battle is won. These sources, nobody doubts, they just follow it blindly.

Shoppable posts also seem promising to the industry. When you like a dress, you can put it in your cart without having to leave your existing page. That’s a shoppable post in simple terms. For online sellers, this is a boon.

It would be safe to say that if you have the best product but don’t know how to sell it, there is no point in making it. That is the power of digital marketing and that my friends, we at Evosion are here to help with, always a click away.

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