How Does Web Design Have An Impact On Sales

Your website virtually represents your company to the world of stakeholders. The appearance of the website matters a lot to the onlookers. Thinking from a buyer’s point of view, the purchase decision partially depends on the look and feel of the website. A website must also represent the nature of the business through its design. For example, a school’s website will be way different from a Real Estate website. Therefore, the web design which includes the look, as well as the usability of the website, makes a lot of difference in the sales figure.

What is the complete essence of web designing?

Web design involves various aspects of a website that cumulatively points towards customer satisfaction and easy access. There are different aspects of web designing that make a website successful, such as:

  • The visual appearance of the website
  • User-friendliness of the website
  • The trustworthiness of the website
  • Brand recognition through the website
  • Information served through the website

The points mentioned above hold a deep connection with the sales figure of a company. The success can be measured through the revenue generated through sales. Today, websites are a virtual sales team of a company that represents their products and services and also educates the stakeholders about the offerings and company values. Therefore, you have to be careful to establish a strong one-time sales team for your company that is your company’s website.

How web design impacts sales directly?

Here are a few definite ways by which the sales can be directly affected by the web design.

  • First appearance matters- Imagine visiting a website while searching for a holiday party idea, and you landed up to one with a gloomy landing page. Irrespective of showing bright holiday pictures, or themes, the website is relatively dull and does not portray any sign of being a holiday party website. 

You as a customer will surely bounce back and hit another website. The reason behind it is just web design. If you cannot attract your visitor in the first 10 to 15 seconds of their visit to your website then your bounce rate will increase. Irrespective of catering useful information on holiday party ideas, the appearance of your website made you lose a potential customer.

  • User-friendliness- When you have grabbed the attention of your website visitor through attractive and appropriate web design, now it is time to make the process of navigating each page easier. Linking pages to one another, easy access to every page, and transparent transactions are a key to the user-friendly website. Customers are more likely to return to your website for future references if they had a smooth experience while navigating through your website.
  • Help visitors establish their trust- Imaging putting your credit card number for purchasing with a fishy looking website! Well, no one will attempt to do that. As you build your website, you must establish your branding throughout the website. It must persist in the payment gateway as well. A visitor must feel that he is guided through the website as well as during the payment and his information is in safe hands. Designing the payment gateway along with the branding of the company helps to establish the trust of buyers.

Having said that, content is the king of all. The purpose of visiting a website may not directly point towards purchase. The knowledge base or content on your website must be educating as well as stimulating to help potential customers make a buying decision. 

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