Eight Biggest Benefits Of Keeping A Blog On Your Website

Expansion of the consumer space and online market has made it imperative for your voice to be heard in the commotion. The competitive global market with its ever-changing narrative requires you to have a robust digital presence. In this scenario, having a well-optimised website is not just enough. SEO services with a blog goes a step further.

A blog conveys your thoughts to the broad audience who visit your website to know more about you. With blogs, you can express your message clearly and add value to your customers. Read further to know eight benefits of having a blog on your website.

Benefit #1: Boost Your Rank On SERPs

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo indexes the web page based on the content in it. Blogs related to the keywords that your potential customers are likely to use will push your search result higher on the SERPs. Enjoy enhanced visibility for your website with authoritative blogs.

Benefit #2: Establish Relationships With Prospective Customers

Prospective customers ask themselves a simple question, “Can I trust this brand?”

Having an informative article on your website showing that you are an expert in the domain goes a long way in implementing the trust factor.

Benefit #3: Develop A Brand Value

Blogs help you deliver your message through various anecdotes. With consistent blogging, you can significantly enhance your brand value by proving to be an authoritative figure in your chosen domain.

Benefit #4: Opportunities To Spread The Word

Posting valuable information and viral content helps you promote your website without seeming like a sleazy salesperson. Share the link to your blog and encourage others to share it on different social media channels.

Benefit #5: Create Value To Your Existing Customers

Ensure repeat business from your customers by regularly sharing valuable content with them. Use blogs as a means to get them on your website and interact with your business. Repeated interaction invariably leads to people buying products or services.

Benefit #6: Lead Generation

Generate leads on your website by posting valuable, relevant blog posts, and ask the visitors to subscribe to the mailing list. You can also place a giveaway on the website for encouraging people to share their contact information.

Benefit #7: Expansion With Influencer Marketing

Blogs are valuable magnets that you can ask an influencer to promote. Expand your reach in the niche with influencer marketers promoting your ideas and drive more traffic to your website.

Benefit #8: Generate Inbound Links With Greater Publicity

Usually, people who like your blog link your blog to their articles. This helps you generate backlinks to boost your domain score, and also achieve a steady stream of visitors from other websites.

From a practical standpoint, generate more income and build up your business in the digital world with blogging. Build brand value around your website by choosing SEO services from Evosion, a leading SEO agency in Sydney. Get rich, meaningful content on your website written by expert writers at Evosion.

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