Does TikTok has something to do with Marketing?

Well yes why not! Simply because it is one of the most downloaded apps globally and named as the fastest growing social media platform of all time, making it a dense place for engagement and reaching out to a wide audience. It is not only a successful public relation and media strategy but also a creative and advertising agent of your product.

Every single day, more and more brands are jumping on TikTok, competition is getting hotter where being viral on this platform is becoming a very promising market-changing tool. Marketing is all about ‘Ads’ and TikTok Ads are very similar to all paid social media ads yet the paid ones on TikTok are more expensive than ads on most other social media platforms.

Whether TikTok is considered to be a marketing channel or not, it is debatable but with TikTok within a day you can go viral with uncountable followers; out of a 15-second video.  The short and fast audio facility of TikTok with music, filters and sound effects is getting this app to be addictive with high levels of engagement.  TikTok isn’t only a short and snappy entertainment app, but it is becoming an indispensable tool for advertisers.

Well, still many brands aren’t on TikTok yet as Pepsi, however, it is considered as a marketing channel and attractive platform for a wider range of users’ age groups; yet to come!  And whether we admit it or not; TikTok, and not other platforms, has the target audience that brands and the marketing companies that cater to them want now.

Marketing on TikTok is still in its formative era, but many agencies are enthusiastic to create the ‘out of the ordinary’ content that attracts the clicks on TikTok.  The greatest strength of TikTok is the sense of community experienced by its users.  TikTok is a promising marketing tool and using it regularly either as a content creator or as a consumer, increases the chances of spread and publicity and ultimately a product known by your target audience.

With the theory that says, ‘you will never know until you try, you have to give it a go in order to realize if it is good for your business or not, small or big it is! Marketing through TikTok ads is a feature you find in the app easily.

Remember our world revolves nowadays around ‘influencers’, a ‘hashtag’, and a ‘video’!  Some influencers will provide you with the three of them or else you approach them for what they provide, and you supplement with other features to get through TikTok ads and use it as a MARKETING CHANNEL beating television ones! 

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