Can you do SEO yourself?

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It is a pertinent question that any new entrepreneur has to answer which has a long term effect on the business. If you look online, you will find plenty of suggestions and advice on how you can do your own SEO. It is entirely possible for you to do your own SEO to start with if you have the knack and the knowledge about how it is done. There are few basic things that need to be done for your website to garner a good foothold in the market. Let’s discuss the basics that you should keep in mind while doing your own SEO, before we move on to discussing the situations where doing your own SEO is satisfactory.

•  Content centric – focusing on the content of a web page is imperative and should not come second to the design of the website. A consumer initiates a search with an interest to know and invests in a product or service. By keeping the content informative and enriching, you ensure that you are meeting the consumer’s needs and that should build you confidence with the customer.

•  Understand Target Customer – it is important to have a clear view of who is your target customer. Your content should directly talk to them. Online and offline consumers vary in nature. Knowing what your online customers want will help you set the tone of the content which is relatable to them. It will also help you choose your keywords correctly.

•  Choosing the right keyword – once you have a clear picture of your target customer, you might be able to zero in on various words or phrases that these consumers generally use to refer to your product. Do extensive research on the websites of companies of the similar product to determine what words are often utilized by these consumers and how they react to different structures. There are many keyword research tools available online for free

•  Website Navigation – it is important that all the keywords that you shortlist have a page dedicated to them. It is also important that the consumer finds it convenient to navigate through these pages. You don’t want the website to be too complex where the consumer has to worry about finding what they are looking for.

•  Regular Blogs – scheduled and informative blogs help build credibility and trust with the customer. Blog laced with information and keywords helps boost the SEO. Having a popular guest blogger increases your SEO.

•  Social Media presence – there are a plethora of choices in the field of social media. Visibility in social media gives added exposure. So choose any particular social media platforms to start with and then try to increase your foothold in various other platforms.

The biggest and the most obvious advantage of doing your own SEO is that it is budget friendly. It should be tried if your budget is tight and you simply cannot afford to hire a SEO consultant. It is because even though there are several drawbacks to doing your own SEO. Few things should be considered in this matter.

•  Having detailed knowledge about website construction skills is important. To have a clear vision of how you want to make your website look appealing and easy to navigate while making sure you are ticking all the boxes for SEO can get complicated. Both vision and skills are imperative for doing this on your own.

•  Basic skills can give your website a kick start and a good foothold at the beginning of the site and your business. However, you have to keep in mind that this is an ongoing process. You have to keep on interacting with your target customer, keep a tab on your competition and constantly keep updating and upgrading your website to stay in the race. So while it’s a good solution for your financial needs at the beginning when capital is small, it might be a handful in the long run.

•  Another issue that is faced while doing your own SEO is time. It takes up a lot of time to keep yourself updated and to keep upgrading the site on a regular basis. It in any way should not take away from the quality of your business. At the end of the day, you cannot compromise on your business for a promotional effort.

•  DIY SEO works better for a website that is not involved in e-commerce. For example, if your site is about writing a blog and does not involve selling any product or service, following basic techniques of SEO might turn out to be satisfactory to draw in enough traffic. However, an amateurish effort might not suffice when you are running an e-commerce concern as quite simply a lot more is at stake.

What Can SEO Consultant Do for You?

The goal of hiring an SEO consultant is to get a higher ranking from Google and organic traffic from search engines. There are few critical services that they provide to make this happen

•  Their primary job is to optimize the web page over all. They are responsible for handling the SEO mechanical aspect with H tags, formatting, and structure, images, etc. On the other hand, they will also be responsible for the content of the page being of high quality.

•  They perform keyword analysis to make sure you are using the right kind of keyword used by the target customers. They often perform analysis to ensure that they are updated with any new keywords or come up with keywords which have less competition but high potential. They are the ones who assign keywords for every web page of the website so that one page doesn’t steal away the attention from the other.

•  It is one of their responsibilities to have your site appear on top-10 list of various Google SERPs

•  They do the required amendment and upgrade on the website to ensure that the visitor experience is good and they keep coming back.

•  They identify and resolve technical issues such as error 404, duplicate content.

•  They test the company at the back end to ensure that the content is enriched and helps in SEO.

How a SEO Audit by an Experienced SEO Can Help Your Business?

An SEO audit is performed to analyze how much adjustment is required on a website for it to be optimized for search engines. By having an experienced SEO consultant do SEO audit for a website the following benefits can be reaped.

•  The audit evaluates the website’s content and technical aspects showing where work is needed to improve the website. It, in turn, transforms your website for the better.

•  The audit identifies the missed opportunities for SEO in your website or identifying issues such as keyword stuffing. By making the changes required exposed by the audit, you improve the SEO of your website.

•  Since an audit points out the mistakes in your website, you work on those mistakes to make the web page more and more visitor friendly which increases the chance of conversion from each visit.

In India, e-commerce, travel, mobile and food industries are extremely competitive. To beat your competition and get the edge over others, professional SEO opinion must be sought.

What should SEO Cost?

You will find various options online offering SEO services at a meager price. However, there are few things to remember while choosing an SEO consultant is that SEO has evolved. What was considered SEO a few years back is now considered spam. Many renowned websites have been penalized for such unethical SEO. Such websites have taken a hit which is hard to get back from and ended up costing more than they saved on hiring a cheap SEO consultant.

There are also consultants who offer packages – a host of services to be provided under one umbrella. However, the packages end up being inflexible. The investment made on SEO experts gives increasing return to run your business. Hence, an SEO consultant service ultimately driven to make customers out of searchers are not cheap and neither should they be.

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