8 social media trends we’ve seen in 2021 so far

When it comes to a list of current social media trends 2021, there’s always a lot in store for marketers! The most popular social 2021 trend could either be VR (virtual reality) or even live streaming- it is that hard to choose! 

With more social media platforms revamping their algorithms and features, most social media challenges 2021 rest on undergoing this continual shift. For instance, Instagram Stories has garnered more than 500 million people each day with regard to its user count. A feature can make a major difference, as Instagram has clearly found out! Earlier, Snapchat was known for being a pioneer with its vanishing stories although similar features are now par for the course at several social media platforms. 

What are the social media trends in 2021? 

Live Streaming

If you were to ask what are the social media trends in 2021, this would be at the top of the list! Several businesses ventured into the digital arena with the coronavirus scare and Zoom meetings and live-streaming concerts/events became the norm! Quite naturally, live streaming features have become more ingrained into social media platforms. Facebook has witnessed skyrocketing growth in user counts for its live-streaming and messaging solutions throughout major cities. The number of views on Facebook Live and Instagram has also doubled within only one week! With the situation still in evolution mode throughout 2021, people are now getting used to live streams, and this should keep gaining more popularity in the foreseeable future at least. 

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Stories as a new format

Wondering how social media will be used in 2021? Take the example of Stories as a new format for content creation. As mentioned, Instagram Stories has become a dominant platform with a dizzying user base. Brands are now planning for Stories as a new format for showcasing everything they need to inform customers about. The usage of video stories will also go up exponentially. Images in Stories already have 5.65% more click rates as compared to videos. This rate is the indicator of the volume of people who viewed a Story and shifted to another one prior to finishing the same. 51% of global brands are already deploying Stories, and the count will keep rising  throughout 2021 as well. 

VR is expected to attain more popularity.

VR (virtual reality) is expected to attain higher popularity going forward. It will keep enabling better virtual interactions, giving people a sense of actual presence at a time when they are still in social distancing mode owing to the COVID-19 threat. VR will be a major experimentation plank for several social media platforms going forward. Facebook Horizon is one such instance where the social media giant is tapping into the Oculus VR framework for beta-testing a whole new virtual space where users can readily play games and interact with others. 

The advent of augmented reality

AR (augmented reality) has also been readily adopted by several social media platforms. It does not need any extra hardware other than a smartphone, and this makes it easier to implement. It is also a familiar technology since users have already used image filters and related features on social media for several years now. AR adds a new edge to overall engagement and interactions. Brands are swiftly adopting this latest technology through new AR filters for product promotions or even interactions amongst fans. This helps in engaging audiences better while even drawing newer customers with suitable promotional activities. AR is also handy with regard to trying new products online before buying them offline at nearby stores. 

The introduction of social commerce

One of the current social media trends 2021 is social commerce. The industry is already harnessing this phenomenon for boosting user experience while enabling tools for quick shopping digitally. Instagram is already enabling product tags and easier checkout procedures while Facebook helps entrepreneurs set up their own shops for selling. 

Marketers may delve deeper into this tool for 2021 and beyond, considering the impact of social media on buying decisions and also the fact that 54% of users on social media usually research products on these platforms. Social commerce makes the customer journey simpler while lowering the journey time for customers. A simple purchase button is all that is needed for scaling up the chances of transactions. 

Purpose-built marketing campaigns

The pandemic has led to attention firmly falling on cause-related engagement or campaigns. People are now more willing to help out, and they are expecting their favourite brands to join these causes as well. A survey on Twitter had 74% of users wanting leading brands to show their generosity-linked initiatives. 77% feel better about brands that are helping out during this massive global crisis. Purpose-built brand campaigns will become a major trend even in future years. Brands should, however, know when to plug an issue and when to back off from the same. Audiences want them to display meaningful initiatives and leadership at this challenging time. 

Inclusivity is always essential.

One of the most prominent social media challenges 2021 for brands is creating a narrative based on large-scale inclusion. Audiences have multiple options at their disposal, and they are investing in brands that are investing in their own communities and several issues that audiences remain more passionate about. Brands cannot simply remain immune to societal issues which audiences care about. As per a study by Accenture, a whopping 29% of all buyers will shift to a brand that remains more committed to ensuring greater diversity and inclusivity. Audiences are also more aware of the tendency of several brands to indulge in marketing campaigns with surface messages or commitment. This is why brands should take proactive steps towards ensuring meaningful engagement. Inclusivity will become a major focus point for brands in 2021 and beyond. This will be a crucial route towards building better bonds with customers as far as leading companies/brands are concerned. 

Transparency and authentic messaging are vital.

Customers want authenticity and transparency as far as brands are concerned. They greatly appreciate honesty about services and products in order to build trust. As per a study in 2020, engagement and transparency are two aspects that contribute towards enhancing the effectiveness of any company’s social media campaigns. In fact, customers have shown loyalty towards brands that have admitted mistakes through suitable messages as well. Therefore, companies should not delete negative feedback and instead address the same transparently on social media platforms. 

It is hard to pinpoint the most popular social 2021 trends for 2021. They are a mix of the above pointers, to say the least. If you want to avail the best digital marketing services for your company, click here.

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