8 Simple Google Adwords Tips That Will Make You Richer!

Google Adwords can be an advertising blessing but only when utilized to its full advantage. Here are a few Google Adwords tips for small businesses:

1. Make your landing page relevant

One of the most overlooked aspects of paid search is your landing page. It’s very easy to get confused while dealing with paid search platforms, testing ad copies, tweaking bids, and funneling all your energy into the platform itself, but something much more important happens once the user clicks on an ad- they are redirected to your website!

The ultimate goal of PPC marketing is to make sales, and a successful PPC ad drives qualified leads to a landing page. This is why it is the job of the page to convert the prospective clients into paying customers. It is highly recommended that you optimize your landing pages for PPC conversions by aligning the message of your ad with the landing page. Just repeat the copy points of your ad on your landing page and watch the improvement!

2. Use the right keywords!

This is one useful trick that can help you bring about a significant increase in money while using Google AdWords! PPC advertising is actually a direct attribution marketing channel, and Google ads rely strongly on user intent through keywords, amongst other elements. Therefore, whenever someone types in a search query on Google, ads are displayed on the basis of how relevant the auction system considers the search term is.

3. Optimize the negative keywords

While using keywords can be extremely beneficial, both monetary and content-wise, but it is recommended that you use them wisely and not make any irrational decisions that can backfire. Always resort to optimizing your negative keywords to allow them to leave a soft blow in place of a harsh impact. This presents a more professional and approachable front. 

4. Alter keyword match type over time

When launching a brand new Google Ad campaign, it is preferable that you start out by using broad modified match types. This is because they offer a good level of control to qualify whenever your ad is shown, and it allows enough opportunities for the ads to be displayed in order for you to gather data. Hence, over time, the focus ends up becoming more of a blend of modified broad, exact match words, and phrases, as the data displays that actually converts.

5. Utilize every relevant ad extension

Another simple yet great tip that can make you rich while using  Google Adwords is that you should utilize every relevant ad extension. While most of the PPC accounts mainly tend to focus on the Headlines, Description, and Path of the main ad, whereas, ad extensions are equally important. They are not just going to help tell your brand’s story better, but they also offer valuable information to your customer, which attracts their attention. 

6. Include Geo targeting and adjust bids accordingly

Believe it or not, but no matter your market or industry, you can actually benefit a huge deal when you try to focus on specific geographic locations. The first step is to review where your engagement mainly comes from and try prioritizing media spend in those areas.

7. Fill out all available ad content

Since Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) were released, they have made a significant impact on Google Ads at the monetary benefits that come from it. They basically provide PPC managers an amazing way to tell their story about their product or services by offering additional space for relevant content. Therefore, if you really want your ads to excel, do not skip out on filling out all available information fields. 

8. Keep an eye out for opportunities to drive budget to mobile

7 out of 10 times, your prospective customer is expected to have visited through a mobile device. If you indulge in some simple mobile-focused campaign while using Google Adword will give you the best chance to engage more and more potential clients, hence, more money for you!

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