5 Ways To Build More Usable Web Applications

In today’s era, the best way to connect with your customers is through websites or web applications, and importance should be placed on the user experience. When users find the website/web application responsive and appealing, it leads to user retention. Now here are 5 ways to build a user-friendly website for your business.

Creating a strong user onboarding process

In user onboarding, the new users easily and quickly become successful while using the web application. When a user visits a web application for the first time, it is this user onboarding process that forms the first impression. It reduces confusion by conveying the value of the application and helps in promoting a positive user experience. The process must be short with some fun elements to make it more engaging for the users.

Optimizing the speed of the application

When users feel that the application takes longer to load and process things, it may break the application’s usability. Users may lose their patience and ignore using the application. The speed can be optimized in the following ways: 

  • Improving the server response time 
  • Compressing images 
  • Enabling browser caching 
  •  Avoiding unnecessary redirects 

The running website’s speed can be checked through many free tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights available on the internet. They also provide recommendations to enhance speed. Web development should never ignore the speed factor.

Improving the accessibility

An application is accessible when it applies to everyone, even those who have some mental or physical disability. Steps like providing colour contrasts on pages or including videos or making it keyboard friendly.

Simplify the page by avoiding unnecessary elements in the page

Popups or unfamiliar patterns will interfere with the user while they are looking for something. They may feel that their time and energy is lost in viewing these unwanted elements. Hence by limiting these, the information that the users want can be made available. The users should feel familiar while using the application; for example, they should know where the search button is, where the payment information will be available, etc. Sometimes the users may need to go through processes like sign up forms, authenticated access, which will need information from the users every time they visit the application. Instead, this information can be asked only once so that the users may not feel bored or monotonous. Hence, it is necessary to have an inclusive website design.

Enhancing communication through feedbacks and including chatbot

While using applications, users may have some doubts or need help. Hence attending to these customer service-related concerns is essential. When users need some assistance, they need instant answers. Live chat can be enabled in the application to help the users. Listening to the users’ queries, comments through feedback can help the web application improve its features and functioning.

Hence by working through these points mentioned above can enhance the web application’s usability and user retention.

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