5 Experiments you should run on your website for proper functioning

Your website plays a crucial role in boosting your business to greater heights. A few years back, establishing your business with a website’s help might not have seemed like a very conventional idea, but today a website is crucial for a business to grow. 

Since your website is such an important part of your business, you must experiment with your website to encourage its growth and must optimize your website. Here are 5 experiments on websites that you must run for their proper functioning:

1. Optimise the SEO snippet.

The very first experiment that you must try out on your website for its smooth functioning is optimising the snippet thoroughly. For a website, first impression relevancy is essential. Believe it or not but most of the online user experience starts not from the website but rather the google search page. Try changing the text to optimally set visitor expectations and create relevance and engagement from the very start of their interaction.

2. Change the content of your page.

The content you publish on your website plays a very important role in increasing visitor interaction and growing the business. Once the user visits your page, for the sake of ensuring that you provide them with enough value to remain and stay engaged, it is important that you experiment with various tools to get a better insight into visitor recordings, cursor movements, and clicks. Basically, to figure out if they are engaging with your content or not, and if they are, then what particular area is attracting the most attention. Based on the information you gather, you can further use it to your advantage and development on it. 

3. Make the page look more appealing.

In order to ensure that the website is highly engaging and invites the visitors to revisit more often, you have to make sure that the page looks appealing to them and offers them what they are looking for. For any new visitor, the first impression plays a very important role. Experiment with different colour palates and fonts to make the page look more appealing.

4. Improve your page load performance

The attention of a visitor on your website is shorter than that of a 5-year-old kid. You have to ensure that you catch their attention. This is why you need to improve your page load performance and make the user experience even better. Page load performance also improves your rankings on the browser.

5. Add social proofing

Last but not the least, if you are looking to experiment to ensure the proper functioning of your website, you should consider social proofing it. It can help you provide its visitors with the reassurance that you will successfully deliver for them when they engage with you. It provides a human touch and builds trust.

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