15 Ways to Lower Your Cost Per Click in Google & Facebook

CPC (Cost per Click) is a revenue model for online advertising which is used to bill advertisers according to the number of times visitors click on a display advertisement attached to a website. 

The average CPC from the Google search results page is $2.39. On the other hand, the average cost of a click from a publisher’s display page is about $0.58. On Facebook, the average CPC is $0.97.

While one of the objectives of online advertising is to generate leads, reduction in lead generation cost per lead is also important.

If you want to know how to lower CPC Google ads and reduce your Facebook ads CPC, then check out the tips listed below. These will help you effectively reduce your campaign cost. It will help you reduce your advertising costs.

Ways to lower your Google Search Ads CPC-

  1. Researching your keywords well is imperative if you want to make your campaign successful while getting lower CPC Google ads. Ruling out certain pricey keywords without taking into consideration their search volume can be a big mistake. Make sure that the volume and intent behind the keywords are assessed properly. It will enable maintaining a good balance between high-reward and low-cost keywords. An informed mix of keywords will lower your CPC considerably without sacrificing conversion quantity or quality.
  1. Remember that Google will not compromise their users’ search experience and thus it is important that you ensure a good quality score. Google will choose a lower bid over a higher one if the former shows more potential of being useful to the customer. Try improving your Keyword Quality Score and landing pages as well because they make a huge difference in your Quality Score impacting your overall success.
  1. Try out Google Search Partner Network which has lower competition thus trending cheaper. GSPN will allow your ad to show on additional websites that have an online search feature.

Also, read some Google Adwords tips that will make you richer.

Ways to lower Google Display Ads CPC-

  1. Use exclusions to save from spending on expensive yet irrelevant clicks. Such exclusions can include locations, topic, audience, placement, etc. Select wisely where and how you want your ad to be displayed and you are good to go.
  1. Lowering your Max CPC bid can help you streamline the clicks only to those that fit your budget. 
  1. A/B testing potentially lucrative bidding strategies is the best bet for most people who have an automated bidding strategy. Try to compare multiple audiences and see which one brings you the best profit. It is healthy to have a balance between a high-reward audience and a low-cost audience.

Ways to lower Google Shopping Ads CPC-

  1. Lower your competition by building a negative keywords list. Heavy competition on the SERP can push the prices up. So, negating big company names can give you a level playing field where you will not have to pay extra just because your product shows up next to products from big brands. 
  1. Plan your shopping campaign structure based on the type of traffic the subdivided products will attract. In this way, you will be able to split out your bidding and save significantly on your overall cost per click.
  1. You can reduce the number of irrelevant clicks by optimising your product feed attributes. Tweak the product attributes assigned to suit the intent of the ideal searcher. By optimising your shopping feed you can ensure that Google matches your product listings with the best searches so that the value of each click is maximised.

Ways to lower Facebook Ads CPC-

  1. Tweak your Facebook ad copy and boost your CPC health considerably. A/B test your Facebook ads by swapping images, changing templates and the text. Doing all these will increase activity on your ad and give you lower CPC Facebook ads.
  1. Choosing your Facebook campaign objective wisely can make all the difference for your ad CPC. Prioritising certain actions and objectives can lead to better CPC health and if you are unsure about it you can always split out your campaign to compare the objectives judiciously.
  1. Minimise wasted clicks by scheduling your ads properly. If you have a lifetime budget laid out, you can use ad scheduling to control when your ads have the best impact. It is important to judge the perfect time when your target audience will be most influenced by your ad thus helping conversion rates. When ads are not timed properly following the product or service it can lead to a lot of clicks and low conversion which will cost you money without much success.
  1. Customise the placement of your Facebook ads and for this, you have to be clear about your end objective. Whether your ad is placed in the News Feed, the Stories, or elsewhere will determine the overall CPC. Select where you want your ads to appear and boost your conversion rates.
  1. Don’t let Facebook decide your target audience. That can lead to low conversion rates and higher CPC. Customise your target audience through parameters like age, interests, geographical location, etc. 
  1. Including a strong CTA can change your game since it increases the engagement rates of your ads, thus leading to increased conversion. You will get great returns on your CPC campaigns if you can ensure that your ads are engaging.

So, these are 15 simple ways in which you can lower your CPC for Google and Facebook ads and make your campaign a super hit. Get help with your Google and Facebook advertisements with Evosion, one of the most popular marketing agencies in Sydney.

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