10 practical tips for doubling your Google Ads conversion rate

Have you been pondering over strategies for increasing your Google conversion rates? You are not alone; every online business worries about getting the best conversion rate AdWords to drive business growth and revenues while ultimately lowering the CPC (cost per conversion). Average Google conversion rates are estimated at only 2.3% as per reports, with the top-tier 25% accounts garnering 5.31% or slightly more. The lower 25% had only 0-1% in conversion rates as well. 

Here are some tips for increasing your Google Ads conversion rate: 

  • Determine the conversions that you are tracking- You should be sorted with your AdWords conversion tracking strategy. You should know how your campaigns are doing online. You will have to set up conversion tracking for monitoring ad performance likewise. Studies indicate how just 57.7% of AdWords accounts have conversion tracking set up. The remainder can never tell whether their campaigns have been successful or not. Conversion tracking is essential for scaling up your AdWords success rates. You can readily find the return on investment (ROI) for every investment while quickly measuring the exact conversion figures alongside.
  • Establish your outcomes- To improve conversion rate, the outcome of the campaign should be established. For example, you may wish to drive higher sales of a product or service. You may want to get more subscriptions for a newsletter, higher downloads for an eBook or similar content, more requests for new product demos on the site, and so on. Not every activity will directly bring revenues, although you can increase overall engagement through viable conversion-based objectives. 
  • Boost your quality score- To boost your ad conversion rate, you should have improved your quality score. Such an improvement will majorly affect conversion rates by reducing the CPC (cost per click), enabling you to get more ads in front of a bigger audience for a similar budget, and working as a metric to assess the quality of ad experiences consumers. You can pay closer attention to your ad groups, copy, profile organization, landing page experiences, keywords, and more. 
  • Optimize landing pages- Wondering how to improve conversion rate? Optimization of landing pages is very important. The landing page design can directly influence conversions. A good campaign may draw more people to the landing page, although non-optimization may lead to the loss of prospective customers before conversion. The landing page should be navigable, attractive, and relevant. 
  • Attractive copy also works- Your Google conversion rates may go up with relevant and engaging copy, making the landing page more appealing for the audience you are targeting. 
  • Nice visuals- Along with your copy, make sure that you catch visitors’ attention with your images and videos. This will enable better and faster conversions of visitors. The size and type of the image and the design will impact visit outcomes in this regard. 
  • CTA matters- Call to Action (CTA) is the most important aspect of your landing page. This button will be linked to overall conversions. Carefully test its proper placement, size, and color. 
  • Proper user experience- Good user experience will positively impact the ad conversion rate. Test the site thoroughly, ensuring visitors can access what they are looking for, the site is navigable, and everything is well arranged. 
  • Multi-device responsiveness- Responsive pages help in proper presentation and conversions throughout all devices. Ensure that the landing page is responsive enough on all handheld devices, PCs, and the like. Maintain short, crisp, and more engaging copy along with higher page speeds as well. 
  • Adjusting keyword matching type- AdWords permits you to add keywords that are phrase, broad or exact matches. The broad match keyword will display advertisements to anybody searching with that chosen keyword. This will increase overall visits to your page. The phrase match keyword will also help you target specific consumers. Exact match keywords may help you get direct consumers, although there are chances of ads not showing up due to minor variations here and there in consumer searches. Phrase or broad matches may be a better strategy in this case.

These handy strategies will help you greatly improve conversion rates for your landing page and business. 

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